This repository contains technical specifications used by the [Webrecorder] project for building interoperable web archiving tools. [Webrecorder]:
## Specifications * [Use Cases for Decentralized Web Archives](use-cases/latest/): a summary of requirements and potential threat models for distributed web archives * [Web Archive Collection Zipped (WACZ)](wacz/latest/): a packaging standard for web archives on the web * [WACZ Signing and Verification](wacz-auth/latest/): the mechanics for signing and verifying WACZ files for proof of authenticity * [Crawl Index JSON (CDXJ)](cdxj/latest/): an extensible format for WARC index files * [IPFS Custom File Chunking for WARC and WACZ](wacz-ipfs/latest): a specialized content-aware chunking strategy for adding composite web archive files to IPFS
# Get Involved Please help us adapt and implement these community standards to help ensure that web archives are easier to use, trust, and share on the web. We are using [Git and GitHub] to manage the versioning of these specifications, and also the [GitHub Issue Tracker] to track ongoing work. If you have questions or suggestions for the specifications, or need implementation guidance please use the issue tracker! [Git and GitHub]: [GitHub Issue Tracker]: